Our Story

Know a bit more about us

Blanca Pukara is a Peruvian slow fashion brand founded and managed by women. Peru is our main source of inspiration, we take elements of its great diversity to create our collections. All our garments have elements handmade by artisans, being produced with a high focus on detail.


Blanca Pukara was born by Paula Deza and Begoña Carrera, two Peruvian women passionate about the wealth and culture of their country. After finishing their master's degrees, Begoña in Paris and Paula in London, they returned to their hometown, Lima. That was when they decided to create a responsible brand that reflects the Peruvian heritage through its name, culture, materials and techniques.

¿What does Blanca Pukara mean?

In our name we proudly wear the colors of the Peruvian flag. Blanca for the transparency of our production processes; and Pukara, which comes from the saying "Puca Pukara", which means red fortress in Quechua.